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There’s been a growing trend for private connectivity from business premises right into the private clouds that we host.

In this series we take a dive into certain aspects of our platform. In this post: How an MSP can offer endpoint

Cloud technology has expanded the attack surface well beyond the confines of the traditional network. Today, cloud security is not only protecting a handful of resources, rather it is maintaining complete visibility over what third-party services and applications are processing or storing sensitive information and developing apps with minimal code issues.

In this series we take a dive into the more technical aspects of our platform (s) and how to use them. In this post: How can you create a safe cloud for your brand with whitesky?

Whichever industry you’re in, when your competitors start migrating to the cloud, it’s important to understand why. Sure, there’s the obvious cost

Does your business find managing all of your IT and data difficult? If it does, you’re not alone. Keeping tabs on every