We believe in an Edge cloud that is Safe, Simple and Affordable

The platform offers a unique blend of Public- and Private Edge cloud, essentially positioning itself as a fully managed cloud solution that works seamless with the Edge to Core data pipeline. Its operating model and value proposition distinguish it significantly from both public cloud services (hyperscalers) as well as private cloud solutions.

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How can we help?

Our secret sauce is to focus on the core aspects of Edge cloud: IaaS, S3 and managed K8s.

We offer these core services on any location in the world, from small boxes on Edge locations to (regional) Data Centers.


The problems we solve

We have identified the following problems in the cloud market:

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Your Edge cloud

How do we offer Edge cloud?

Our strategy is based on Safe, Simple and Affordable and offered in two simple models. We deliver these models through a strong partner network.

Consumption based

public Edge
  • IaaS
  • S3
  • managed K8s
  • on country partners hardware (optional)
  • use of data centers
  • fully managed
  • predictable pricing
  • metered billing
  • pay per use

Core to Edge

You can deploy your solution from Core to Edge.


Kubernauts, we are ready for production Beta!

6 months ago our engineers started a secret journey to empower our cloud solution with a rock solid container facility.

We did a small secret launch during Cloud Expo and continued our journey afterwards.

Do you want to be part of this journey?

The package

What do you get?

There are some differences between public – and private Edge cloud. They are all built on the same powerful innovative stack which powers several high demanding customers in the world.

Latest post

A poorly designed SaaS architecture creates limitations in setting the pricing strategy for the offerings and impacts new customer acquisition. Conversely, a good architecture sets the appropriate pricing model and accommodates special architecture-design requirements, while enabling scalability and customizability.


No maintenance


Cut Cloud Costs

Location of choice

Public Edge cloud

Get started!

The easiest way to get started is by signing up for our public cloud offering.

You can deploy VMs, S3 and K8s in an instant.

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Lower TCO

Data control

Brand love in the news

We have been covered in several newsitems on the web.

Recently Trans-iX has joined our ranks as a country partner for The Netherlands. 


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