For Service ProvidersFor Telecom ProvidersFor DevopsFor EnterprisesWith Multiple Zonesand no upfront costs!

Branded Portal

As a Virtual Cloud Operator you have your own branded portal, logo, url, colors…

  • Keep your customers close

  • Integrate into your own business

Metered Billing

We meter usage of resources, CPU, Memory, Networking and even Microsoft Windows Licenses. Set your prices per customer and focus on your business.

  • We even include automatic invoicing, so you don’t need to worry.

  • Do you want to include data in your billing system? We got you! We are API-driven, so you can export all your data.

Apps Place

We have certified images of most operating systems. Our apps place is growing with top tech vendor solutions, from NAS to Security Appliances. You’ve got the license, we’ve got the App!

  • You can launch your own images or ask our engineers for a certification in our Apps Place

  • All provided virtual appliances have gone through an installation and stability testing process.

Identity Access Management

Securing your online workloads and those of your customers is important. We don’t take setbacks. Every Virtual Cloud Operator receives his private IAM solution.

  • 2FA with Authenticator apps like Google Authenticate or via SMS

  • Branded like your cloud portal and on your own domain!

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Running on the whitesky.cloud Cloud as a Service Software, you can run any IaaS solution.


  • Create your architecture and deploy machines instantly

  • Configure your machines from the web console

  • We always offer SSD speed on every VM thanks to our own storage solution


Object Storage

You can create S3 Compatible Object Storage buckets.


  • Use it as archive for your backups or files

  • Store your big data sets