We believe in an Edge cloud that is Safe, Simple and Affordable

In the contemporary landscape of cloud computing, whitesky.cloud emerged as a pioneering European company, charting a course towards transformative solutions. Founded on the principles of data privacy and compliance with GDPR regulations, whitesky.cloud sets itself apart by offering an edge cloud seamlessly adaptable to both private and public environments.

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Worried about escalating expenses?

When budgets are under pressure and cloud costs go up, cloud deployments become a victim of costs savings.

Not something you want because organizations need their apps.

Organizations that once relied on major public clouds to test and grow, realized that the costs far exceeded their expectations.

We bring back the realization that owning is a cost saver and with fully managed you don’t need people on-site which leaves our experts doing it for you. Don’t forget the cost of recruitment, we have you covered!

whitesky.cloud vs VMware

A comparison.

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We solve the main problems related to your current cloud

Shortage of skilled workers

We offer our Edge cloud solution fully managed. No need for recruiting extra staff.

Unanswered phone

Sometimes you need to talk to someone who can help on the phone. Our A-Team is available when you need them.


We keep the complexity far away and offer an easy to manage portal to manage your workloads.

Data sovereignty
Certain types of information require strict control and governance to prevent unauthorized access by foreign actors or malicious entities. Only Edge clouds keep you in control.
Vendor lock-in

You are free to move away if you are unsatisfied. You are not strangled in additional services that keep you from moving away.

High costs

When you grow, hyperscalers become hugely expensive. We offer the alternative you have been looking for, for both public- and Edge cloud.


If your applications demands higher speed and more bandwidth. an Edge cloud is the solution.

Core to Edge

You can deploy your solution from Core to Edge.

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Federative Edge grid

We are creating a global federative Edge grid with our partners

Our underlying magic

What do you get?

There are some differences between Edge private- and public cloud when it comes to usage scenarios. We run both environments on the same powerful innovative stack which powers several high demanding customers in the world.

In short, our Edge cloud solution can be deployed for private- or public use with the same underlying technology which is adaptable to the use case.


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What's new


No maintenance


Cut Cloud Costs

Location of choice

Public Edge cloud

Try out

To get a taste of our technology stack you can signup for a public Edge account. We will be billing a fair cloud unit price during the trial.

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Lower TCO

Data control

Brand love

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