your own branded cloud in europe

Become a Virtual Cloud Operator

Set up your own branded cloud in Europe, making sure your data falls under the strict GDPR and keeping it safe from the American Cloud Act. 

Our white label solution enables you to set up your own cloud environment under your brand name, this way you become a Virtual Cloud Operator (VCO). 

Our cloud solution allows companies to set up their own platform quickly, without any investment in hard- or software. 

This enables them to strengthen their strategic and financial position in the market. 

By becoming a VCO you:


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Customer ownership

No maintenance


Decide your own margin

Data remains locally

What do we provide?

After you’ve filled in our onboarding form, we launch your own cloud platform which you can brand according to your style.

Get to know the environment, you’ll quickly be able to launch new customers or migrate existing ones.

Thanks to the pay-per-use nature of our solution, you don’t need to make any upfront investment, except for time.

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Lower cost



No upfront investment

Data control

Brand love in the press

Are you ready to become one of our Virtual Cloud operators? 

Join Huijbregts Automatisering, VestaTech, Daemen ICT and many others! 


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