EDGE cloud for saas

Looking for lowering costs when offering your SaaS solution?

With our fully managed plain vanilla cloud you can make more on your subscriptions for your SaaS solution.

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How can we help SaaS vendors?

We would love to run your SaaS solution, which can be on your own Public Edge cloud with a lower TCO.

We can also offer your SaaS solution on-premises for your customers.

Private Edge cloud

Keep the margins on subscriptions

When the cloud costs increase, your subscribers will challenge you to keep the price low. In a competitive market you need predictable pricing.

What we know is that hyperscalers can be outrageous expensive. You can use your Private Edge Cloud to offer public SaaS services.

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A known SaaS provider decided to leave the public cloud after spending $3.2 million in one year. Public Cloud companies are making "obscene" profits over medium-sized businesses.

We address three of the main pain points in the cloud market

Do you recognize these?

Lack of skilled workers

Unpredictable pricing

Cloud overspending

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Challenge us

Don't believe us on our words, try it yourself

Our private Edge cloud is built on the soft- and hardware stack that we already use for years for public cloud customers in Europe and the rest of the world.

If you want to explore some of our powerful features talk to us for a private demo or demo account.


Start cutting cloud costs

The situation in the world and Europe has changed dramatically. Companies are seeking to cut their cloud spendings without having to do much FinOps.

We don’t have all the whisles and bells but we are good at core compute and storage on any location you want. Safe, Simple and Affordable.


Can we automate and integrate?

If you need to do advanced CloudOps we have you covered. Our extensive API, we built the API first, makes it possible to hookup your code or any popular automation tools.


We also support Terraform, which is Infrastructure as Code. Our Terraform plugin will help you to define your infrastructure by code.



In this PDF you can find some details on our solution for Saas.

SaaS info

Common features

Our private- and public cloud solutions offer you...

competitive pricing on compute and storage

Don't trust us on our word, let us proof our pricing.

metered billing

You can use metered billing for your customers or internally.

S3 object storage

You will be able to define and use S3 storage on our platform.

hourly snapshots

We protect your data by using hourly snapshots that are safe for ransomware.

fast VM launcher

The creation and launching of a virtual machine has been proved to be fast and effective.

containers (Beta)

We will offer a fully containarized platform based on Kubernetes. We use the Rancher RKE by Suse.

branded portal

You can brand the access portal with your logo and colors.

SPLA license integration

We work with Octopus Cloud to be able to do almost realtime reporting o Windows licenses.

Our team

The human factor

Our international team of storage, compute and cloud experts are always there to help you. We pick up the phone and answer your questions. Try this with a hyperscaler.

It's yours

Run your own cloud

We empower you with your own Edge cloud fully managed by us.

You can invoice customers and set your own pricing.


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