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De Nederlandse managed service provider Trans-iX is tot preferred partner verkozen door voor hun uitbreiding naar de Nederlandse markt. Trans-iX wordt daarnaast ook de exclusieve reseller van het managed cloud platform van

Clouds for IT infrastructure are so popular lately that moving into the cloud has become a trend. Infrastructure as a service (IaaS) cloud provides multiple advantages: flexibility, low time for deployment, easy scaling, instant presence in many regions of the world, and many others.

Externe gebruikers met beheerdersrechten (admin-rechten) vormen een groot beveiligingsrisico binnen publieke cloud-omgevingen. Bijna zeventig procent van de onderzochte organisaties heeft gastgebruikers die het beheer van de digitale infrastructuur over kunnen nemen. Vooral binnen Amazon Web Sevices (AWS) schiet de controle op configuratiegevaren tekort.

We are excited to announce the first-ever event in Houten, where we will update you on the latest managed cloud solutions we offer. Our team of experts will showcase how you can save big on hyperscaler spendings with our cutting-edge managed cloud technology. Join us and hear from three top speakers.

Recent research shows that the scope and volume of cloud initiatives have increased significantly in the past two years, highlighting the key role that cloud plays in achieving strategic business goals and ensuring stability for future growth. However, choosing a cloud solution can be tricky, and that's where our operations team comes in.

With the rise of containerization technologies and Kubernetes as one of the most used container management systems, Kubernetes–as a-Service (KaaS) feature is a must for each cloud provider.