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Production Beta is ready

6 months ago our engineers started a secret journey to empower our cloud solution with a rock solid container facility.

We did a small secret launch during Cloud Expo and continued our journey afterwards.

Now we are looking for the first kubernauts to start with our Kubernetes solution fast. On the map on the right you can see where we are. Our flightplan tells you when we need you exactly. We now reached Production Beta.

Pstttt…, a kubernaut is like an astronaut, an explorer of unknown worlds.

You can join us early in our journey and profit from:

Exclusive offer

For the first 10 signups we offer fully Managed Kubernetes 60 days for free. After 60 days you can profit from low prices on compute and storage to run your managed containers.

Above is our flightplan for Managed Kubernetes. You can see where we are right now by following the blinking light. The minute we enter Production Beta we need kubernauts to test.

How to deploy Kubernetes video

Geert Audenaert takes you through a full Kubernetes deployment in this great video.

Documentation provides great documentation on all things Kubernetes. Use the button below to check it out.

This is an external link.


Our latest on Kubernetes

60 days for free

Container orchestration savings

DevOps efficiency

Easy workload deployments

What do you get?

You will be able to create and launch Kubernetes clusters but also our standard features. All will be accessable in our whitesky cloud management portal.

Do you want to see some preview features in a private demo? Our CTO Geert Audenaert has some timeslots available that you can book.

More portability

Automation of deployment

Solid apps

Open-source benefits

On premises

You want to run your containers on premises? That is possible soon with our Edge Private cloud.

Become a kubernaut

Yes, you will be joining our team of kubernauts!

Excited? Please leave your details so we can contact you. You will be able to run Kubernetes clusters free for 60 days.


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