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Extending the Horizon of Possibilities


Your workloads in our Edge Public Cloud

whitesky.cloud extends its commitment to innovation with the introduction of the Edge Public Cloud—a transformative offering that combines the benefits of public cloud scalability with the efficiency of edge computing. This hybrid model enables businesses to harness the power of whitesky.cloud’s infrastructure at the edge, unlocking new possibilities for application deployment and performance.

whitesky.cloud operates Edge cloud locations across the world with partners. In data centers or smaller locations nearby.

We chose this approach in order to bring data closer to the user when needed.

No staff needed

No maintenance


Transparant billing

Multiple locations

Managing costs

Worried about increasing costs without knowing about it?

When budgets are under pressure and cloud costs go up, cloud deployments become a victim of costs savings.

Not something you want because the organization needs their apps.

Organizations that once relied on hyperscalers to test and grow, realized that the costs far exceeded their expectations.

We bring you the tools and the transparency to keep an eye on the costs. With our attractive unit pricing we help you to lower your TCO. 

Our approach

We know how to build a perfect Edge Public Cloud

With our 100% in-house developed cloud stack, which runs on top of hardware of our country partner, you will be able to easily manage all workloads.



No one-time investment

Data safety


Find answers to frequently asked questions about our Public Edge Cloud

By picking the right cloud solution, you always have full ownership of the data, both digitally and physically.
At the same time, you get the advantage of complete unburdening which goes with public cloud.

Everything you get is Safe, Simple and Affordable!

Together with a dedicated country partner we handle the entire infrastructure, including all hardware and the virtualization platform. We don’t handle your VMs which runs your apps. You manage your apps because you know best.

Our Public Cloud offering differs from what the hyperscalers offer. We have a strong focus on: compute, S3 storage and managed K8s.

Linux, Windows, FreeBSD, virtual appliances and any other operating system you need.

Our customers are in: Telecom, Retail, Healthcare, IOT and Saas.

Applications and OS

How we make sure it fits your needs?

Our catalog of applications and OSs make your life easier when you need to deploy workloads.


No complexity, Safe, Simple and Affordable!

competitive pricing on compute and storage

Don't just trust us, let us prove it!

metered billing

You can use metered billing for your customers or internally.

S3 object storage

You will be able to define and use S3 storage on our platform.

hourly snapshots

We protect your data by using hourly snapshots that are safe from ransomware.

fast VM launcher

The creation and launching of a virtual machine has been proven to be fast and effective.


We will offer a fully containerized platform based on Kubernetes. We use the Rancher RKE by Suse.

branded portal

You can brand the access portal with your logo and colors.

SPLA license integration

We work with Octopus Cloud to be able to do almost real-time reporting of Windows licenses.

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