Partner network

We believe in strong partnerships when it comes to our solutions and the promise to deploy everywhere.

There is only way to realize our dream of a real full Edge cloud and that’s partnerships!

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Our global deployment capabilities is in your hands.

What are we looking for?

Our main focus is on the big System Integrators in the world. They have the right facilities and capabilities to serve their own customers with the solution.

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Partner spotlight

In the Netherlands we partnered with Trans-iX who is a Managed Service Provider. This is how they describe what they do: 

“Trans-iX is a Managed Service Provider with a focus on technology. You come to us because you are looking for IT professionals who understand technology and understand and solve your daily challenges.”

Trans-iX has a partner status for the Netherlands.

Partner news

Good margins

Lead generation

DevOps support

Defined sales area

What do you get?

With our fully managed cloud solution you will be able to offer your customers private- and public cloud, capacity and consumption based.

All can be managed from within your own dashboard where you manage your clients directly. We take care of the fully managed infrastructure.


Automation of deployment

Solid apps

Open-source benefits


We are growing together with our partner network. We have opportunities in several EMEA areas, are you interested?

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Interested in becoming our partner?

Yes, I would like to explore partner opportunities

“We have some EMEA opportunities so make sure to claim your sales area.”


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