let's make cloud safe, simple and affordable

around the globe!

We at whitesky.cloud are a group of cloud enthusiasts. We sat down and designed what we felt is the missing thing in the cloud landscape.

We created a plain vanilla cloud. Safe, Simple and affordable.

We are building a global edge cloud. We deliver fully managed cloud with both public and private models. Our hardware in our locations or your hardware in your locations. From small edge configurations to full racks in data centers.

Tested in Africa, Europe and the USA. Our stack delivers you compute capacity, software defined storage and fully managed Kubernetes.

We are ready and very eager to work with you.

We promise to reduce your cloud costs significantly (30-40% or more). 

Is it like AWS, Azure or GCP? Not really....

Is it like like VMWare or Nutanix? Not really....

Is it like Digital Ocean? Not really.....

Don't believe us?

No problem, pay more for the whisles and bells you don't use at hyperscalers :-)

Our secret sauce

Do you believe cloud should be safe, simple and affordable?

Some of us at whitesky.cloud


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Geert is our CTO and when you meet him it “sticks”.


Operations Manager EMEA

Kevin is our Operations Manager EMEA.


Office manager & HR

If you want to get something done, Johanne is the go-to person.

She plans events, gets everything organised and takes care of the rest of us like no other!

Our team is ready to start you next cloud journey!

Team and events

Job openings

a person using a laptop computer on a desk

We’re hiring a software engineer

We’re seeking a talented and motivated Software Engineer to join our portal and cloud management team (aka the whitesky meneja team).
As a Software Engineer in the meneja team you will be working on frontend and backend delivering state of the portals and managing cloud locations all over the world. In this team we make use of k8s, mongo, vuejs, python and go-lang.

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