S3 storage

Do you need flexible, scalable S3 storage in an instant?

We can offer your S3 compatible storage at the Edge of your network fully managed by us.



whitesky.cloud’s S3 is a massively scalable storage service based on object storage technology. It provides a very high level of durability, with high availability and high performance. Data can be accessed from anywhere via the Internet, through the API and external tools.

S3 by whitesky.cloud provides the following features:

  • Buckets

    Data is stored in buckets. Each bucket can store an unlimited amount of unstructured data.

  • Elastic scalability

    S3 has no storage limit. Individual objects can be up to max. 1,25 TB in size.

  • Flexible data structure

    Each object is identified using a unique key, and you can use metadata to flexibly organize data.


There is a growing need for instant pay per usage storage. S3 is a cheap and powerful way to store your data. The list of integrations is endless and S3 offers you instant capacity.

Public- and Private Edge cloud.

S3 is part of our total infrastructure. You get the same scalability and flexibility in all our solutions and models.

Cutting storage costs

We don’t charge for fixed packages of storage. A flexible and low cost per TB model covers your needs.

To further cut storage costs we can deploy edge storage nodes to get even better prices.

Easy to integrate

Thanks to Amazon’s efforts to make S3 a standard there is a huge list of solutions which work with whitesky’s S3. From Veeam to Acronis, it can all be connected to S3.

In NL and BE we have Acronis Cyber Infrastructure running connected to S3 which is a perfect sample of a custom integration.

S3 posts

Some of the features you get with S3

easy to configure

You can easily define S3 and buckets in our user friendly console.

metered billing

You can use metered billing for your customers or internally.

public URL

You can easily define a public URL for your S3.


There is a growing list of integrations.

multiple locations

You can use our data centers or create edge S3 storage yourself with our on premises option.


Set IOPS for specific buckets.


S3 buckets automatically scale with your needs.

honest pricing

We constantly try to bring down the costs of storage. S3 is a cheap way to store your data.

The human factor

Our international team of storage, compute and cloud experts are always there to help you. We pick up the phone and answer your questions. Try this with a hyperscaler.

Run your own

We empower you with your own cloud fully managed by us.

You can invoice customers and set your own pricing, even for internal use.

S3 locations in Europe

Our solution currently runs in the Netherlands and Belgium. GDPR compliant and nearby.

If you would like to create an additonal S3 location please check our on premises offer.


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