How to connect S3 objectspace to Veeam

In this series of ‘how to’ blogs, we take a dive into the more technical aspects of our platform and how to use them. 

The challenge

Backing up Virtual Machines to S3 compatible storage.

The solution

Veeam Backup & Replication is a solution to backup your VM’s, NAS, physical servers and Enterprise applications. By connecting the S3 compatible storage you can back up your data.


S3 is part of the scale-out backup options inside Veeam. You get a local and S3 backup at once.

Our Veeam installation is tested on a Virtual Windows 2019 Standard Edition with 4 GB memory and 2 vCPU’s.

Creating the backup repository in Veeam

To get the S3 connection running you first need to add a backup repository inside the Veeam management interface. Click Add Repository to open the dialog.

The following dialog will appear.

Choose the option Object storage,  the following screen will appear.

Choose the option S3 compatible. The following screen will appear.

Give your repository a name and click Next to go to the following screen.

The servicepoint URL is the URL of the public IP the S3 is hosted on. In our cloud you need to set this up through a Cloudspace. In the near future we autogenerate URL’s for S3. The credentials can be obtained from a VCO portal. To set up the credentials you need the Access and secret key. Click Next to continue.

In this screen you select the bucket and click Apply to confirm all settings from the wizard. A summary of all set features will appear.

Click Finish to close the wizard.

Adding a scale-out repository

To be able to get a backup job working, the S3 repository needs to be part of a scale-out repository. In the below screen you can see the feature you need.


Click Add Scale-out repository. The wizard will start and the following screen appears.

Name the repository and click Next.

Make sure to select the Default Backup Repository option and click OK. Click Next to move to the next screen.

Choose the Data locality option and click Next.

Select the options Extend scale-out… and Copy backups to object storage… Click Apply to confirm all settings. A summary will appear. Click Finish to close the wizard.

Create a backup job

Once you’ve created the S3 repository and Scale-out repository you are ready to create a job. Choose the Backup Job option in the next window, the wizard will start.

Choose the Server option and Managed by backup server. Click Next to continue.

Name the backup job and click Next to continue..

Select the servers you want to backup. Click OK and then Next to continue.

You can choose several backup options, just go ahead and select whatever you like. Click Next to continue.

Select the scale-out option created previously and determine the retention days. Click Next to continue.

Skip this step and click Next.

Do your scheduling settings and click Apply. The summary screen will appear with all your settings.

Click Finish to close the wizard.

You will now be ready to run Veeam backups connected to S3.

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