cloud for healthcare

The needs of healthcare

Healthcare organizations have unique requirements and face various challenges related to data security, privacy, and regulatory compliance.

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How can we help healthcare?

We offer on-premises cloud solutions which combine the benefits of cloud computing with the convenience of localized data storage and processing, making them ideal for healthcare environments.


Security and Privacy

Healthcare deals with sensitive patient information, such as medical records, personal identifiers and billing details. Private cloud solutions allow healthcare providers to keep this data within their own data centers, giving them direct control over security measures and reducing the risk of data breaches and unauthorized access.

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High Performance and Low Latency

Some healthcare applications require real-time data processing and low-latency communication, such as remote patient monitoring and telemedicine. Private cloud solutions enable local data processing, reducing latency and ensuring a smoother user experience.

Remote health

Telehealth and Remote Care

The adoption of telehealth and remote care services has grown significantly, especially during global health crisises. Private cloud solutions can support secure video conferencing, remote monitoring and virtual consultations, ensuring patient privacy and data protection.

In remote care, monitoring at home with IOT devices has become commodity. Safely storing all this IOT data sometimes asks for private cloud solutions.

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Medical Imaging Storage

Medical imaging data, such as X-rays, MRIs and CT scans, are large and require secure storage. Private cloud solutions with scalable storage capabilities can manage and archive medical images efficiently while complying with data privacy regulations.


Research and Data Analytics

Healthcare institutions engage in research and data analysis to improve patient outcomes and advance medical knowledge. Private cloud solutions can accommodate large-scale data processing and analytics, enabling researchers to derive insights from vast datasets while keeping sensitive data secure.

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Healthcare faces many challenges and it is a balancing act between private and hyperscalers.

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Healthcare info

Common features

Our private- and public cloud solutions offer you...

competitive pricing on compute and storage

Don't just trust us, let us prove it!

metered billing

You can use metered billing for your customers or internally.

S3 object storage

You will be able to define and use S3 storage on our platform.

hourly snapshots

We protect your data by using hourly snapshots that are safe from ransomware.

fast VM launcher

The creation and launching of a virtual machine has been proven to be fast and effective.

containers (Beta)

We will offer a fully containerized platform based on Kubernetes. We use the Rancher RKE by Suse.

branded portal

You can brand the access portal with your logo and colors.

SPLA license integration

We work with Octopus Cloud to be able to do almost realtime reporting of Windows licenses.

Our team

The human factor

Our international team of storage, compute and cloud experts are always there to help you. We pick up the phone and answer your questions. Try this with a hyperscaler.

It's yours

Run your own cloud

We empower you with your own cloud fully managed by us.


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