European cloud providers mount strong competition against hyperscalers

The rise of European cloud providers

Traditionally, when thinking of cloud computing, names like AWS, Azure, and GCP come to mind. However, a new wave of European cloud providers is making its presence felt, and their offerings are gaining traction not just locally but on a global scale.

One such contender is OVHcloud, a French-based cloud provider that has expanded its reach internationally. With a strong emphasis on data sovereignty and security, OVHcloud has attracted customers looking for European-based solutions compliant with strict data protection regulations like GDPR.

Another notable player is Germany’s own Cloud&Heat Technologies, which combines cloud computing with sustainable, green data centers. Their unique approach of using waste heat from servers for heating buildings has garnered attention not just for its environmental benefits but also for its cost-efficiency.

Innovation and specialization as key differentiators

What sets these European providers apart from their hyperscaler counterparts is their emphasis on innovation and specialization. Rather than trying to compete head-on with the broad and expansive services of AWS or Azure, these companies are focusing on specific niches where they can excel.

Innovation is also one of the key drivers for’s own offering. We have gained a reputation for our flexible and customizable cloud infrastructure, appealing to businesses with unique requirements that may not fit the one-size-fits-all approach of larger providers.

Another example of a specialized European cloud provider is UpCloud in Finland. UpCloud has made a name for itself with its fast and reliable cloud servers, particularly popular among developers and businesses in need of high-performance computing.

Data sovereignty and privacy concerns

One of the driving forces behind the success of European cloud providers is the growing concern around data sovereignty and privacy. With regulations like GDPR placing strict requirements on how data is handled and stored, many businesses are turning to European providers to ensure compliance.

These providers offer a level of transparency and control that is appealing to businesses operating in the region. The ability to know exactly where their data is stored and who has access to it is a significant advantage, particularly in industries dealing with sensitive information such as healthcare and finance.

Global reach and partnerships

While these European providers may have started with a focus on their home markets, many are now expanding their reach globally. Partnerships with Managed Service Providers and strategic alliances with other cloud providers are helping them extend their services beyond Europe’s borders.

For example, has data centers in multiple continents including Africa, allowing them to serve customers around the world while still maintaining their European roots.

The road ahead

concrete road beside brown grass field

As the competition in the cloud computing market heats up, European providers are poised to continue their ascent. With a strong focus on innovation, specialization, data sovereignty, and global expansion, they offer a compelling alternative to the dominant hyperscalers.

Businesses looking for a cloud provider that prioritizes privacy, compliance, and regional specificity are finding what they need in these European companies. The cloud wars are far from over, but the emergence of these formidable contenders is reshaping the landscape and giving businesses more choices than ever before.

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