5 important cloud benefits for e-commerce


In this post we explain how an e-commerce business can profit from a cloud solution that is nearby and GDPR compliant. The challenge Providing stable and secure cloud solutions for e-commerce businesses. The solution Run your own branded private cloud or team up with a whitesky.cloud certified VCO to run your e-commerce business GDRP compliant. […]

The Benefits of Offering White Label Cloud Services

Want to boost your brand, bottom line, and client retention?

Have you ever considered offering white label cloud services? If not, then to be quite frank – you’re missing out. There is currently real potential in the space to give your customers truly great service – as a standalone, or as part of a larger MSP offering. Either way, it can be very profitable. Successfully […]

How You Can Drive Profits as a Virtual Cloud Operator

Want to drive more profits as a VCO? Here’s how

Profit is understandably a primary focus for any business. But understanding how to push toward it in your respective sector is something many companies grapple with. As a Virtual Cloud Operator (VCO) there are some great ways to drive your profit up and we’re going to show you just a few of them. Profit begins […]

Why the Cloud is Like Lego

whitesky.cloud makes creating your cloud vision easy.

There’s nothing quite as fun as opening a box of Lego and just having the freedom to make whatever you want. If you’re building a house, you can use every color of brick available – it all depends on what’s right for you. The cloud is just the same – you should only have to […]

Being in control of your data shouldn’t feel like a myth

It’s time to regain control of data

Every time we do something in the digital world, and even in real life, little traces of information are collected and stored by companies or institutions. In fact, it’s almost impossible to imagine how much of our data is out there, let alone what those institutions are doing with that data. They might use it […]

The road so far: whitesky.cloud


Hello, there! We’re so glad to have you here as we take a look at the various drivers and motivations that have made whitesky.cloud what it is today. Our goal is simple: we want to make operating on the cloud more accessible. How? Good question. The whitesky.cloud platform is a pay-per-use, white label cloud computing […]