Repost: why did Basecamp leave a cloud hyperscaler?

Late 2022 David Heinemeier Hansson, owner of 37 signals (Basecamp etc.) wrote an interesting and honest article on Cloud overspendings. His conclusion, Renting computers is (mostly) a bad deal for medium-sized companies like ours with stable growth, was a clear and honest view on cloud spendings.

How a great performing motorsports team improves teamwork

Every day we are presented opportunities to be more productive by responding to surprising situations or challenges with equally surprising solutions. Creating a happier and more productive teamwork environment helps this process but is challenging for any company.

Why Your Competitors Are Moving To The Cloud

Are you getting left behind on-premises?

Whichever industry you’re in, when your competitors start migrating to the cloud, it’s important to understand why. Sure, there’s the obvious cost benefit, but there’s also a heap of other motivating factors behind businesses that make the leap. In a world where companies everywhere are struggling to differentiate, technology like the cloud is offering ways […]

Giving You More IT Control

Want your data to truly work cross-platform?

Does your business find managing all of your IT and data difficult? If it does, you’re not alone. Keeping tabs on every piece of data, where it’s stored, and how it’s used cross-platform is a nightmare for many businesses. Customers all over the world want better control over the data they’re responsible for. That includes […]

The White Label Rebellion

The White Label Rebellion

The whole of the internet is pretty much dominated by three companies – AWS, Azure, and Google. All of the EU’s critical infrastructure is run by US companies. That is a little troubling, but it also begs the question – is there a better way? Three players in the space own roughly 400 data centres […]

Service Is At The Heart of

Want to know our secret?

Giving our customers the day-to-day service they expect – as well as delivering a complete technical solution – is a huge part of what we do, but often don’t talk about. But today that’s all changing; let’s grab some thoughts from our Operations Manager, Iain Statham. Being Who We Want To Be As the Operations […]