EDGE cloud for telecom

Process data quickly and efficiently across several different environments.

Telco organizations are planning to move towards hybrid multi-cloud to manage data better and support their workforces in the near future.

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How can we help Telco vendors?

In a research done late 2022 nearly 60% of telco organizations reported having moved data/analytic workloads from public cloud environments to on-premises/colocation data center environments during the past 12 months.

whitesky.cloud is a fully managed on-premises cloud solution (Core to Edge) which helps Telco’s to fulfil their hybrid cloud needs.

Our solution

We have been serving Telco customers for years

whitesky.cloud has a proven trackrecord in the Americas and Europe with Telecom. We have several customers that run their infrastructure on our solution on a daily basis, serving hundreds of thousands of Telco clients.

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Terrabytes of network analytics data

Many Telco’s run terrabytes of network analytics data on systems like UDEX or Uplus. Storing and handling massive volumes of data with hyperscalers is a hugely expensive operation which can be prevented with a hybrid cloud approach.

Telcos look for scalable, reliable and managed services at the most affordable price. Where they have gone wrong though, is that they feel the need to manage those factors where others have entered the market that can do that much better than the telcos can do themselves. Their focus needs to be on creating better services because that’s where they make their money.


Can we automate and integrate?

If you need to do advanced CloudOps we have you covered. Our extensive API, we built the API first, makes it possible to hook up your code or any other popular automation tools.

We also support Terraform, which is Infrastructure as Code. Our Terraform plug-in will help you to define your infrastructure by code.

Our platform

What are the features of our platform?

We have prepared a 60-slide presentation for you which explains many of the great features that we offer

Telecom info

Common features

Our private- and public cloud solutions offer you...

competitive pricing on compute and storage

Don't just trust us, let us prove it!

metered billing

You can use metered billing for your customers or internally.

S3 object storage

You will be able to define and use S3 storage on our platform.

hourly snapshots

We protect your data by using hourly snapshots that are safe from ransomware.

fast VM launcher

The creation and launching of a virtual machine has been proven to be fast and effective.

containers (Beta)

We will offer a fully contaiearized platform based on Kubernetes. We use the Rancher RKE by Suse.

branded portal

You can brand the access portal with your logo and colors.

SPLA license integration

We work with Octopus Cloud to be able to do almost realtime reporting of Windows licenses.

Our team

The human factor

Our international team of storage, compute and cloud experts are always there to help you. We pick up the phone and answer your questions. Try this with a hyperscaler.

It's yours

Run your own cloud

We empower you with your own cloud fully managed by us.


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