VMware partners, we have you covered!

What happened on that December 22 just before Christmas?

On that day Broadcom decided to inform all their channel partners that from that day on the partner program was deprecated and they would lose their status and incentives. As a replacement there will be an “invitation only” program, effective Feb. 5 2024.

Invitation only, what does that mean? Well, like it says, you need to be invited to join the new program. And the expectation is, not many will be invited!

A bummer for all these companies that worked hard to create this “ecosystem of trust” which VMware came up with when it all started.

Overnight a valuable business is gone for many of these partners, what a shame.


What can partners do?

In articles on the Internet some partners indicate they hope they will be invited while others think it’s over and they are not willing to wait.

Basically partners have two options:

  • offer alternatives;
  • terminate the business and move on to something new.

What are options for partners looking for an alternative?

Here at whitesky.cloud we have always believed we offer more compared to VMware. Many years ago we designed what can be used today and in the future. Based on open source (no expensive and complicated licensing) and extremely partner friendly.

Isn’t it all about trust and respecting partners? On top of that working with huge companies is a challenge.

Are you tired of working with solutions that take months to configure or even worse, are impossible to manage?

You don’t need VMware if you have whitesky!

Let us highlight some highlevel features of the whitesky platform

Partner of VMware customer? Talk to us for a fresh take on private cloud.

We’ve developed a platform that is both secure and cost-effective, offering simplicity in handling your workloads effortlessly. Our platform enables the swift and straightforward creation of private clouds.

Delivered as a fully managed product, it’s versatile enough to be utilized in public environments. Through our partner program, you have the opportunity to enhance value and set yourself apart in a lucrative manner.

Are you interested in running a successful business independently, free from dependence on any hyperscalers?

Join one of our webinars where we explain our product.

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