5 tools to connect with whitesky.cloud S3 objectstorage

In this blog we introduce a few tools that connect to the whitesky.cloud S3 objectstorage.

The challenge

There is always a challenge finding the right tools that connect to your S3 compatible objectstorage.

The solution

The list of tools in this blog are quickly tested to work with our S3 compatible storage.


This list does not tell you exactly how to configure all these tools. We will cover this in individual blog if possible or needed.

1. Backing up your WordPress site with UpdraftPlus

WordPress is by far the most popular CMS and blogging platform. This comes with a downside, the minute you launch your fresh new website it will be exposed to millions of hackers because WordPress is a popular target.

So proper backups of your WordPress website are important. With the Updraftplus WordPress plugin you can back up your site in many ways and it also supports S3. You can use the S3 objectspace provided by whitesky.cloud to make backups to S3. There is actually no need to run WordPress on our servers to do that but if you use our S3 you might even like our other Cloud options.


Checkout our post about Updraftplus.

2. Getting access to your files with S3 Browser

Having easy access to your files in a S3 bucket seems a no-brainer but there aren’t actually many great tools. We have tested several and like S3 Browser a lot. It is basically written for AWS but the basic features work fine with our S3 objectspaces.

3. LucidLink, the Cloud NAS

LucidLink File spaces cloud-native NAS solution is ideal for organisations that would like to take advantage of cloud storage economics and utilise it for applications, file systems and high-performance workloads. Built-in software, running on the endpoint, delivered as SaaS, with no middleware and no appliance, virtual or physical. LucidLink leverages cloud-based storage with the functionality you expect from an on-premises hardware NAS – only better.

Inside LucidLink you can configure whitesky.cloud’s S3 objectspaces.

4. SFTP to S3 with Couchdrop

Sometimes you don’t want to use tools that directly work with S3 but fall back on something you have used for ages, SFTP. SFTP, Secure File Transfer Protocol, has a long history and exists since 1997. Many companies still use it and Amazon has AWS transfer for SFTP to connect to S3. The two make sense, one is for transferring the file and the other for storing it. We came across Couchdrop, a simple way to hook up S3 compatible storage with an SFTP service. And yes, it works with the S3 objectspace of whitesky.cloud.

5. Backing up your files with Comet Backup

Comet is a flexible backup platform, giving you total control over your backup environment and storage destinations. You can use the self-hosted version to deploy a backup solution on whitesky.cloud.

The self-hosted server can be connected with our S3 objectspace to store the backups.

Please checkout our detailed post to see how to configure a Comet Backup solution.

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