Good read: 80% of organizations experienced a cloud security breach last year

Cloud technology has expanded the attack surface well beyond the confines of the traditional network. Today, cloud security is not only protecting a handful of resources, rather it is maintaining complete visibility over what third-party services and applications are processing or storing sensitive information and developing apps with minimal code issues.

Good read: Best Practices for Remote Desktop Services (RDS) Licensing

Source: Octopus Cloud
The two most underreported products in Microsoft SPLA are SQL and RDS. SQL is a complicated beast, but RDS? You simply license every user that has access to the software, how hard is that? In this article, we will review RDS licensing and how to avoid getting caught off guard in case of an audit.

Good read: Successful Change Management for Service Providers in Five Steps (Dutch)

The digital transformation is disrupting traditional structures and patterns throughout society. Think of the way we listen to and watch our favourite music, films and television, and book holidays or do our banking. For many service providers, this transition represents the next step in their organisational maturity and forces companies to change; those who do not transform lose out to new technology and modern ways of working, and thus miss out on opportunities.
This is a great article in Dutch by Insight.