Good read: Strengthening security in a multi-SaaS cloud environment

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Managing security across multiple SaaS cloud deployments is becoming more challenging as the number of zero-day and ransomware attacks continues to rise. In fact, recent research reveals that a staggering 76% of organizations fell victim to a ransomware attack in the past year.

Good read: KWOK (Kubernetes WithOut Kubelet)

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KWOK is a toolkit that enables setting up a cluster of thousands of Nodes in seconds. Under the scene, all Nodes are simulated to behave like real ones, so the overall approach employs a pretty low resource footprint that you can easily play around on your laptop.

Good read: Why Hybrid Cloud Computing Makes Sense for the Healthcare Industry

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Healthcare is one of the biggest beneficiaries of cloud adoption as it relies on technical innovation by design, and cloud computing has made each aspect of innovation in healthcare bigger, better, and much more efficient in terms of performance and reliability. The industry’s adoption of Hybrid Cloud computing, in particular, has accelerated a variety of new possibilities through Digitalization, thus allowing the transformation of critical operational workflows to boost efficiencies and lower operating costs, which are both crucial to growth and sustainability.

Good read: Reverse cloud migration

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In recent years, businesses across industries have witnessed a significant shift in their approach to IT infrastructure. While cloud computing has been touted as the go-to solution for scalability and flexibility, a growing number of companies are now exploring alternatives such as bare metal servers and network infrastructure providers and relying on more hybrid solutions for the best cost-to-performance ratios.

Good read: Top 10 Cloud Service Providers Globally in 2023

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Cloud computing and the top 10 cloud service providers delivering these services, have brought fundamental changes to the market backdrop of IT infrastructure globally. Public cloud service providers are facilitating the inherent efficiencies of distributed cloud computing, which is enabling innovative software applications and platforms to be built, while simultaneously enhancing information security and privacy controls. As such, it is critical to understand each leading cloud service provider, as well as their varying strategies.

Good read: ING on Building a Cloud Native Bank

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Since ING, a global bank with over 37 million customers, has a history of adapting to change, we’re always aiming to be a step ahead. To stay ahead in a banking tech environment, you need to be very opinionated on how IT is applied.

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