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For years, Europe has been yearning for a European cloud alternative to the platforms of such reigning tech giants as Amazon, Microsoft, IBM and Google. One in three IT managers is even considering switching to a European alternative. AG Connect spoke with two Dutch cloud providers looking to break the power of big tech. whitesky.cloud joins the battle against the big tech giants.

With 99,7% of its IT landscape moved to Google’s Cloud Platform, Belgium is the absolute frontrunner within the Carrefour Group when it concerns cloud adoption.

In this video our CTO Geert Audenaert guides you though our Kubernetes implementation that we have done with Rancher RKE from Suse.

Late 2022 David Heinemeier Hansson, owner of 37 signals (Basecamp etc.) wrote an interesting and honest article on Cloud overspendings. His conclusion, Renting computers is (mostly) a bad deal for medium-sized companies like ours with stable growth, was a clear and honest view on cloud spendings.

Every day we are presented opportunities to be more productive by responding to surprising situations or challenges with equally surprising solutions. Creating a happier and more productive teamwork environment helps this process but is challenging for any company.

ChatGTP is hot. Can it write a terraform script?


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