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Protection of sensitive data has already been important in Europe but has become more important recently. In many sectors, like banking, insurance and healthcare, it has become a top priority. But also public sectors face organizational challenges to be able to comply with the latest legal regulations when it comes to the use of cloud technology.

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Companies have started leveraging advances in networking, algorithms and edge computing to run artificial-intelligence workloads outside of data centers and closer to where applications are being put to use.

SaaS companies overall rely on two main sources of growth and profitability, signing up new customers and upselling to existing customers. It seems this is slowly coming to a halt, like the Ocean Circulation. Endangering SaaS providers and their customers.

Private SaaS is a variation of SaaS where the provider runs the software within the customer’s network but takes responsibility for managing and securing it.

The costs for a SaaS company using cloud providers can vary widely based on factors such as the size of the company, the complexity of the application, the level of usage, and the specific services and resources needed. Below is a general breakdown of the types of costs when providing SaaS.


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