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Good read: WTF Is a Vector Database: A Beginner’s Guide!

a blue and red pattern with a black background

In the age of burgeoning data complexity and high-dimensional information, traditional databases often fall short when it comes to efficiently handling and extracting meaning from intricate datasets. Enter vector databases, a technological innovation that has emerged as a solution to the challenges posed by the ever-expanding landscape of data.

Good read: How Cloud FinOps Aim To Rein In Cloud Spending

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Migrating to the cloud has long been seen as a way for organizations to save money. The whole point of implementing this practice, after all, is to reduce operational costs. But these promised savings from migrating workloads to the cloud have failed to appear. In fact, many face the opposite problem: surging costs.

How to deploy a Peltarion AI model on your branded cloud

Artificial Intelligence

Easy to use AI tools became popular in 2021 (e.g. Lobe.ai, Roboflow, Edge Impulse, Peltarion, Power Apps). We’re convinced more and more companies will be looking to deploy their models in a private or public cloud or on-prem. In this post we explain how you can use the Peltarion service to deploy an AI model on your […]


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