Event: Cloud througout 2023, Houten (NL)

We are excited to announce the first-ever whitesky.cloud event in Houten, where we will update you on the latest managed cloud solutions we offer.
Our team of experts will showcase how you can save big on hyperscaler spendings with our cutting-edge managed cloud technology.

Join us and hear from three top speakers.

Good read: The on-premises empire strikes back at AWS

Anybody who can read a financial report knows they are paying too much for compute, storage, networking, and software at Amazon Web Services. It is as obvious as the sun at noon. And it is also obvious – and increasingly so – that the retailing and media businesses at Amazon are as addicted to the AWS profits and the free compute capacity it gives to the corporate Amazon parent as IBM has ever been addicted to the high price of its vaunted mainframe platforms.

Repost: why did Basecamp leave a cloud hyperscaler?

Late 2022 David Heinemeier Hansson, owner of 37 signals (Basecamp etc.) wrote an interesting and honest article on Cloud overspendings. His conclusion, Renting computers is (mostly) a bad deal for medium-sized companies like ours with stable growth, was a clear and honest view on cloud spendings.