How to keep cloud spendings under control?

In this series we take a dive into the more technical aspects of our platforms and how to use them. 

The challenge

Uncontrolled Cloud spendings is one of the biggest issues in the industry. Gartner’s report on “Why Cloud Budgets Don’t Stay In check” provides many reasons why this is a challenge.

The solution.

We are not a FinOps company or provide FinOps between clouds but our Cloud offering has clear spending charts and APIs to keep your cloud operation under control.

What are the issues with cloud spendings?

There are three main points why it’s hard to get your Cloud costs under control:

  1. Unanticipated usage
  2. Dev/test waste
  3. Production oversizing

Unanticipated usage

In simple words, implementing a successful cloud can create a tsunami of cloud projects which haven’t been anticipated.

Dev/test waste

Developers or testers tend to spin up machines to do their work in a proper way. But many times, after business hours these machines are still running and this creates waste.

Production oversizing

Instead of making advanced calculations people tend to oversize in production because it’s easy and safe. Just add more vCPUs, disk space and memory to make sure everything runs well. This is common but not the best approach.

What is the solution?

We think it makes sense to make your cloud spendings lean and mean again. Although multi-cloud sounds interesting, it can add a layer of complexity when it comes to cloud spendings. Do you have a FinOps solution in place or not? If you cannot control the costs on multiple cloud patforms you should really consider moving all to one. Even better, to one which has tools available to control the costs.

This is where we fit in. You will be able to run your own cloud with tools for spending analysis and automation (API).

Spending analysis
cloud spendings overview

With our spendings tools you can dive into the units spent and see what is going on. This is an advanced reporting tool to have control over your Cloud spendings.

Automation of Dev/Test

Sure, it would be great if you keep running your Dev/test machines all the time but we rather have you spend this money on topping up performance on production machines.

But how do you do this?

Well, for this we have the magic of automation tools like: Zapier, Integromat and Power Automate in combination with our API.

You will be able to do almost anything but for Dev/Test you just need to make sure that it only runs during office hours. That means scheduling and using VM START/STOP methods.

You need something like this? Just talk to us!

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