Helping CloudCom Support Businesses

But CloudCom offers businesses end-to-end IT support that meets the demands of modern businesses, and they do it all from a cloud platform that we provide.labeled cloud services.

Good read: Successful Change Management for Service Providers in Five Steps (Dutch)

The digital transformation is disrupting traditional structures and patterns throughout society. Think of the way we listen to and watch our favourite music, films and television, and book holidays or do our banking. For many service providers, this transition represents the next step in their organisational maturity and forces companies to change; those who do not transform lose out to new technology and modern ways of working, and thus miss out on opportunities.
This is a great article in Dutch by Insight.

How to deal with pricing, spendings and invoices as a VCO


In this series of ‘how to’ blogs, we take a dive into the more technical aspects of our platform and how to use them.  In this post we explain pricing, spendings charts and invoices for the VCO and his customers. The challenge How can you set your custom pricing for customers, keep an eye on […]


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