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‘More Than IT’ is a pretty big claim – but CloudCom backs its slogan up. With a unique offering in the world of IT support, they need to be able to rely on their service providers – one of which, we’re very happy to say, is

Differentiating as an IT service provider can be a challenge. In fact, it’s something every business in the IT space struggles with. But CloudCom offers businesses end-to-end IT support that meets the demands of modern businesses, and they do it all from a cloud platform that we provide.labeled cloud services. Our work with Actabyte is a perfect example of a business making the most of our solution. So we wanted to highlight the great work they’re doing and how happy we are that our services help them succeed.

“The criteria we looked for when looking for a new partner were flexibility and scalability in infrastructure and in cost and all fronts – deliver.”

Who are CloudCom

CloudCom is an MSP based in Belgium providing services to the Dutch-speaking parts of Belgium and Brussels. They work with customers with offices in Europe, but who are headquartered in Belgium. They have a vision to expand to the whole of Belgium which they’re currently recruiting new people to make a reality.

Focusing on customers who have between 15-300 users, they offer a service few others do – complete first-line support for their customers. It’s a point of differentiation for CloudCom. Everything that is connected to the network that CloudCom manages, will provide first-line support for. Once they’ve checked the network, they’ll contact the supplier responsible for a device on behalf of their customer.

This is all undertaken for a monthly fee – which means their customers can take advantage of CloudCom’s expertise as often as they need to with no additional charges. Their goal is to lower the financial barrier to entry when it comes to IT support.

The Old Way

CloudCom was working with an inflexible environment to deliver a flexible solution to its customers. CloudCom needed a flexible model to match their product and the needs of their customers.

Instead of looking for a partner in the Netherlands, CloudCom wanted a partner in Belgium to offer more flexibility, redundancy, and access to data for their own peace of mind as well as their customers. They wanted to find a solution partner who could help manage their fast growth and diversify their dependencies.

“You can’t know everything about IT so we like to work with partners who handle expertise in a particular area. is our data centre partner.”

The new way

We started working with CloudCom at the start of 2022. We’ve just finished our testing period with them and are now migrating their first customer onto our platform. There was a period of significant testing and a lot of movement of servers alongside a great deal of education for system engineers at CloudCom.


Typical IT customers want three key elements when it comes to their services: uptime, flexibility, and affordability. Our solution, and now what CloudCom uses to build their own services, offer all three of those elements – it’s the foundation of what we do.


CloudCom has a complex customer model where every package they offer their clients is bespoke. That means that they need a solution that can keep up with rapidly changing requirements. In the past, IT providers like CloudCom would only need to service VMs and VPNs, but now there are so many different environments that customers are looking for that providers have to be ready to deliver a wide range of services.


For instance, CloudCom has a customer who wants to swap their ERP system but first, they want a test environment to make sure that it is compatible with their operation. With the solution, CloudCom can deploy a test environment in minutes with no minimum time of deployment. Whether testing takes two weeks or two months, the cost is only linked to how long it is used for which offers the end user complete flexibility.


During testing, we had an added opportunity to support a large RFP for a prospective CloudCom client. This was a bigger project that CloudCom had worked on before, but we were able to help them develop a proposal by using our platform, which meant they could scale to meet the demands of a huge client.


For CloudCom, being able to offer such extensive cloud services helps them penetrate traditional businesses that have historically purchased on-prem servers. Now, it’s easy for them to show that a business can not just survive but thrive in the cloud, without the need to spend huge amounts of money on hardware that could be out of date in a couple of years.


What does the future hold?

Something that CloudCom is very happy about is that shares big goals and a vision to have a presence in data centers all over the world. There is real alignment for our visions of growth and we know that we have a great future working together in delivering the very best IT services. 

Beyond our similar vision, as businesses, we both operate in a way that delivers flexibility and scalability to our customers – and that has been a big contributor to how quickly our relationship has grown.

The biggest challenge that CloudCom sees over the next few years is handling the huge leap in customers’ data storage requirements. A lot of IT partners are nervous about this. Not only is a huge amount of additional capacity needed, but the time it will take to make the backups that all customers want is going to extend massively. But, that’s where we come in, and we’re ready to build more robust tools – to support CloudCom and their customers’ needs for many years to come.

“We know we can rely on as a partner to deliver the quality that our customers need. They don’t look at how to make the most money from a project but what the best solution is. This is different from other providers in the industry”

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