Dedication To The Cloud With Actabyte

Early adopters of the cloud are now seeing their hard work really pay off, separating themselves from their competitors as true experts. That position is exactly what our customer Actabyte is making the most of.

We get to work with a wide range of IT outsourcing companies and support their operations with our white-labeled cloud services. Our work with Actabyte is a perfect example of a business making the most of our solution. So we wanted to highlight the great work they’re doing and how happy we are that our services help them succeed.

“Because of, we don’t have to put in the effort to build and maintain the infrastructure that we need. We know has it under control and that gives us peace of mind to focus on what we do best."

Who are Actabyte

Actabyte are an IT services company that has been serving its clients for over twenty years and has grown into the MSP model – offering everything they do via subscriptions. Because of that, they also understand the advantages of the cloud and are true early adopters of the technology. Now, everything that they do is in the cloud and web-based.

Starting in 2001 they’ve grown to support SME and SME+ sized businesses because their tailored fit perfectly in smaller, more agile environments. When they started out, their original clients were primarily schools, and this clientele quickly developed into both non-profits and healthcare organisations, while they now support businesses from a wide range of sectors.

When they began their transition into the cloud, they were offering VoIP solutions and slowly developed that into a wide range of different service offerings including Microsoft 365, virtual computing, cloud storage – everything that everyday businesses want and need. They’ve been in the cloud for nearly 9 years now, so they really are some of the first commercial explorers of the technology. Now they’re built on a recurring services model that perfectly matches the technology they know and love.

Where our work started

Before we began working together, Actabyte worked with a Virtual Private Server (VPS) provider. However, they found that what they got for their money was very rigid as the solutions they were buying weren’t flexible because they couldn’t offer their customers the choice and tailoring of services they needed and this had become a sticking point. When they looked for a new supplier they discovered they could get more flexibility, but it was at a high premium price and they didn’t want to pass those costs on to their customers.

IT services is a deeply competitive industry and to be able to stand out from the competition you need to be able to confidently say you comply with every regulation required, that you price well and that your services are going to have the highest levels of uptime. This is what we give all of our customers – including Actabyte.

The solutions are infinitely flexible and priced purely on usage so that they can fit any end user’s needs. Also, because our locations are based in the Netherlands and Belgium, Actabyte can be confident that they are GDPR compliant and they can pass the peace of mind on to their own customers.

For Actabyte, being able to say they are fully compliant and that a customer’s data isn’t going to leave the local area is a genuine selling point. Their customers know that if they leave, they get to keep all of their data. When you’re working with hyperscalers there is very little confidence that you own your digital footprint and that it will be completely removed whenever you need it to be.

Customers everywhere are increasingly aware of the importance of data security because there are weekly stories about a recent breach or regulatory fine. Because of this, as part of supplier assessments, there is a growing demand for supply chain transparency. Actabyte always wants to be transparent with their customers and so they’re happy to tell them that their cloud services are supported by the infrastructure. That’s a big deal for us because it means we know how confident Actabyte is in the services we provide them.

As a modern business with a great understanding of the need to effectively market its services, Actabyte loves having a white labelled solution that it can deck out in its company colours and branding. Whether it’s a tech demo or customer implementation, they can always customise how the solution looks so that it’s exactly what is needed for that installation.

The bottom line

Actabyte isn’t just working 9-5 and that’s because their clients have a global presence and need to be online 24/7. Reliability in the solutions we deliver is key. It’s a scary thing for any business that builds its own product offering on outsourced services to choose a single supplier and trust that they will deliver.

Ultimately, their customers are relying on them, so if something goes wrong, they will be responsible. We take the knowledge of that very seriously and that’s why we dedicate ourselves to building cloud infrastructure that is robust, reliable, and cost-effective so that our customers can have complete confidence in what they are doing.

“For us, it’s simple – gives us support whenever we need it. Price-wise they add a lot of value to our business and they always respond fast and with solutions that work.”

We love to help businesses like yours. Get in touch with us today.

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