5 important cloud benefits for e-commerce

In this post we explain how an e-commerce business can profit from a cloud solution that is nearby and GDPR compliant.

The challenge

Providing stable and secure cloud solutions for e-commerce businesses.

The solution

Run your own branded private cloud or team up with a whitesky.cloud certified VCO to run your e-commerce business GDRP compliant.


whitesky.cloud has the option to offer bigger retailers a private cloud option for all their needs. Smaller retailers can be set up through one of our own certified VCO’s. Even better: bring your own VCO!

We sell our cloud solution by offering white label public cloud  to MSP’s and offering private cloud to larger companies.


For e-commerce, scalability is a very important factor. You need to be able to easily scale up your business when you hit the jackpot with a few products. Increased sales and bigger amounts of small orders, they can all influence your model but also the performance of your site. Even the weather or an event can influence your site.

Scalability is not one simple factor but rather a sum of many small factors. Some are:

– how scalable is your MySQL, MariaDB or PostgreSQL database?
– can you easily add storage and memory?
– are there ways to easily spin-up worker nodes?
– is it easy to setup load balancers?
– can we do Kubernetes?

Our cloud is the perfect solution to offer online retailers scalability.


Stability is important to keep the reputation of an e-commerce site and company at the same high level. A stable site means a business without hickups in revenue. Every hour downtime means a loss in terms of revenue. You will never get the loss of revenue back.

We all know the infamous periods e-commerce sites go down: Cyber Monday, Black Friday, Christmas etc. Traffic spikes can hurt an e-commerce site and business and stability is important.

The power of a branded cloud provides superior stability for online retail. For peace of mind, prepare for those traffic spikes by hosting your infrastructure in state-of-the-art data centres.


It’s well known but many retailers ignore it, 40% of online shoppers will abandon a webpage if it takes more than 3 seconds to load.
Additionally, 79% of shoppers who are dissatisfied with website performance are less likely to buy from the same site again.
On top of that, speed is a ranking factor for Google so you better be prepared for this.

Yes, selling online seems easy but all the details matter.

If your e-commerce site is hosted on a powerful cloud platform that is nearby (Edge), then you’ll benefit from speeds that no other infrastructure could promise. A reliable e-commerce site will translate into positive sales for your business.


You are just starting your e-commerce business? A branded public or private cloud offers crucial savings. You pay for what you need without fixed monthly bundle costs.
A low converting website during the summer? No worries, your cloud bill will be lower too. You only pay what you use and profits can be re-invested into the growth of your business.

Team up directly with us or one of our certified VCO’s to bring your e-commerce business online.


In e-commerce, trust is fundamental. People leave private information when buying and they trust online retailers to handle their data safely. Since the introduction of the GDPR in the EU it’s wise to store your data in the EU and nearby.
You don’t want unexpected surprises. A cloud solution nearby makes sense because of GDPR.

Proper Identity and Access Management with 2FA is of upmost importancy. Our cloud solution provides this out of the box.

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