How You Can Drive Profits as a Virtual Cloud Operator

Profit is understandably a primary focus for any business. But understanding how to push toward it in your respective sector is something many companies grapple with. As a Virtual Cloud Operator (VCO) there are some great ways to drive your profit up and we’re going to show you just a few of them.

Profit begins by understanding how to either deliver more of your product or service or how to deliver the same amount for less cost. Even better if it can be both at the same time. As a VCO there is a good chance you can’t go toe-to-toe with the biggest players in the industry. But that doesn’t mean you can’t fight them where they can’t match you – flexibility.

David V Goliath

Hyperscalers – the AWSs, Azures, and Googles of this world – are essentially big companies that dominate the industry of cloud computing services. They work at such scale that they can completely standardise their offerings – even though it leaves no room for nuance. They have big enough client bases that they can afford to put off potential customers with their restrictive terms.

As a VCO no way near the size of a hyperscaler, you need to take their weakness as your strength. You can be agile and responsive to client needs and in that way win the work the big guys aren’t willing to take on.

Get what you pay for

Using a platform like’s gives you the chance to charge what you’re actually offering. Let’s say a client is building on their existing database. Naturally, you would assume a bigger database would have more queries run against it. But that isn’t always the case; sometimes a customer will want to increase storage but not memory.

Rather than clients buying more storage than they need – because the rest of the package specs fit their needs – you can customise absolutely everything. This not only gives the end-user what they actually need, it also makes your rates more competitive.

On top of the obvious benefits of customisation, many companies nowadays aren’t quite so trusting of the big players as they used to be. After countless news articles about data leaks and the abuse of people’s data, people need to know that they have control over their data. If you can show people that when they want to migrate or delete their data permanently that it actually happens, that’ll go a long way to securing trust in your brand – again a great way to boost profitability.

In the past, buying cloud services from the leaders in the industry was a viable way to build a business. Resources could be bought at scale and sold for profit. Not anymore. Now, because hyperscalers have such great access to the end-user they can target them directly and they can dictate any margin you might hope to make. But if you want flexibility, customisation, and service there are a wealth of options out there.

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