Why the Cloud is Like Lego

There’s nothing quite as fun as opening a box of Lego and just having the freedom to make whatever you want. If you’re building a house, you can use every color of brick available – it all depends on what’s right for you. The cloud is just the same – you should only have to use the building blocks you want.

We believe that when it comes to building your own Lego house you should have complete choice over the parts you use. If you want a house made of windows or six chimneys – that’s fine, you do you. We’re here to support whatever type of cloud services you want to build.

Built from the ground up

To continue the analogy, we are the baseplate on which to build your Lego house on: a firm foundation that you can rely on as you grow.

For VCOs, using the whitesky.cloud solution is like telling a kid they can make whatever they want. We don’t limit ourselves by what others do – the only thing that limits us is our imagination.

CPU power, memory, and storage are the three key things we’re benchmarked against. This is what sets us apart from the competition. We have no minimum configurations. We’ll say that again. We have no minimum configurations. 1 CPU or 3, it doesn’t matter to us. Every gram of RAM or just the bare minimum – we want to give you what you want to have.

Comparing what we do with a hyperscaler like AWS or Azure – there’s a significant difference. Hyperscalers give you everything pre-built. Yes, it’s easy – but is it really what you want? With a hyperscaler, all you need to do is add some furniture (that’s data in this analogy). But is the house really how you imagined it? Instead, you could work with a provider who can help you build the home of your dreams.

No place like home

VCOs, like you, want flexibility. Put simply – that’s what we offer. It’s a bit of a brag, but our customers love what we have created. It’s pretty unique in our industry to give people the power to create bespoke setups and to actually choose what they get.

Green blocks, red blocks, blue blocks – it really doesn’t matter, we’ve got you covered. Hey, if you want to, you can clone the houses you’ve already built and role them out exactly the same as before. We know how important scalability is for you.

As we grow we’re focusing on not just letting VCOs customise every aspect of their offering but strengthening the blocks they build with. We’ve got some products, like S3, that get us really excited. Excited about how they can help you and your customers. But that’s for another day, right now just think about what you want to build – we can help.

Want to customise every part of your cloud services? whitesky.cloud is here to help, discover more about our solution or get in touch!

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