Full Control – On-Premises Cloud

On-site cloud makes it possible to have your cloud services and storage kept locally, while whitesky.cloud manages everything behind the scenes. Best of both worlds? For some, it just might be.

The cloud gives you the flexibility and scalability you need to deploy whatever you want to in just a few clicks. But, if something’s built on-prem, it provides you with the peace of mind that everything is within touching distance. Interested in the cloud – but want to maintain control? Keep reading. Yes, on-prem + cloud is the solution you need.

This Isn’t Hybrid

There’s a clear distinction between on-premises cloud and hybrid where rather than using a mix of local hardware and external cloud services – you’re keeping control of everything on site.

Perhaps you need the data transfer speed so that machines can always run at maximum capacity in a manufacturing environment?  Or perhaps you run a shop and need to process transactions locally in case you lose connectivity? Well, with an on-prem cloud you can have that functionality while also being able to tap into the benefits of a cloud that you completely control.

Maybe your business is in a transformational period… but you’ve already invested in local hardware? It makes sense to use it to end of life, so building a cloud on top of it lessens the dent in your CAPEX while also building a better local service as a result.

Or, perhaps the sensitivity and scale of your data mean that off-site services just aren’t an option? Hospitals are now evolving to use the on-premises cloud. The data they process is extremely private in nature, but also – because of their scale – it’s very dense. The imagining being generated by scanners, for example, is massive and so the network traffic needed to draw down on this from a data center is just too high: so it’s a great fit for on-premises cloud.

On-premises cloud offers scalability, security, and compliance and gives businesses complete control over every part of their network through a single user portal.

Extra Benefit

Just keeping your hardware up and running along with the day-to-day management of services saps time from your IT team. With everything housed within the same system, IT teams can focus on giving the business more of its value – rather than carrying out basic tasks. Instead of doing work to cover internal fixes, your IT team can become a billable part of your business.

Whitesky.cloud offers cloud services across Europe so that ISVs can help their clients expand globally – without the hardware expense. This way, you’re in the same ecosystem and can still work through a single white-label platform; in a completely connected environment.

You need the cloud because it’s flexible, scalable, and secure. Those are a couple of the headline benefits you’ll see everywhere for the technology. But if your business still needs local computing, then on-premises is a natural choice. As the industry accelerates your business needs to keep pace with the tech if it wants to stay ahead.

Want to get ahead with on-prem cloud? whitesky.cloud is here to help.

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