Strong Private Connectivity Is The Next Step For Truly Secure Cloud

There’s been a growing trend to enable private connectivity from business premises right into the private clouds that we host. It makes sense, of course, more and more businesses and their customers want true data security and consistent service. Here’s how it works.

If data privacy and security is a focus for you or your customers, or even customers you want to onboard, then private cloud connections are a must. They demonstrate a commitment to data privacy, and are the physical infrastructure to match the security excellence offered by private cloud solutions.

Out With The Old

Traditional internet connections are plagued with a number of key issues. First, the speed can vary dramatically, as usage gets throttled to support greater numbers of users at peak time. Also, if you’re paying for a shared line and there is a fault or connection issue, it is often the case that the SLA for engineer attendance can be far higher than your business can tolerate. If you’re an MSP, then you can’t afford to not have a connection – it’s that simple.

The great thing about a dedicated connection is that it solves all these problems for a flat cost. You’re all but guaranteed to get the same speed, upload and download, at any point in the day. On top of that, you’re going to have an incredibly consistent connection latency, which can be very important for live service providers.

Furthermore, and an increasingly important factor for many businesses – it’s totally secure. Wherever your data is, if it’s in your network, and you’re running a private cloud, through a private connection, no one has access but you. That can benefit any business that is supporting telcos, healthcare organizations, banks, anyone super focused on data security. With these customers, this level of security is a requirement.

Finally, with a dedicated connection you’re going to get a much better level of service from your ISP and so if there are issues, they’re likely to get fixed much quicker than with a shared connection.

In With The New

If you want to pursue a dedicated connection, it can be a very streamlined process. You start by instructing your ISP that you want a dedicated connection to your cloud service provider. They’ll liaise with one another and put the necessary settings in place to make everything work properly. The ISP is responsible for the connection from your building right up to the switches in the data center where your cloud service provider is located. In the case of, we’ll handle any networking requirements after the switches, such as IP planning, to make sure you get a seamless transition to a totally private connection.

One contract, total security, handled by two experts and giving you predictable speeds and constant uptime – what’s not to love?

Want to take your data security to the next level? can help with that, get in touch today.

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