Why Your Competitors Are Moving To The Cloud

Whichever industry you’re in, when your competitors start migrating to the cloud, it’s important to understand why. Sure, there’s the obvious cost benefit, but there’s also a heap of other motivating factors behind businesses that make the leap.

In a world where companies everywhere are struggling to differentiate, technology like the cloud is offering ways to stand out from the crowd, not just in pricing, but in being able to offer flexible products and appeal to new talent in the industry. Keeping up with your competitors is as important as ever, so why not start with the cloud?

What’s Holding You Back

For a variety of reasons, there still are businesses out there, maybe even yours, which aren’t keen on progressing to the clouds. As with any change involving your business, it’s important to see the value for both your business, and your customers, so why exactly is the cloud the best choice for your IT nowadays? We’ve spent a lot of time looking at the key benefits of the cloud, like affordability and flexibility, so here are three reasons why some of your competitors have already made the switch.

  1. Let’s say that you aren’t using a service provider for your hardware, and you’ve decided to handle all of that work in-house. If that’s the case, you’re very likely to run into a shortage of people queuing up to take that role. IT pros want to come and work with new and exciting technology, not outdated ones. Not only is it unfulfilling, but it can also potentially harm their career perspectives if they put that type of work on their CV. Remember, it’s harder now than ever to hire talented tech professionals, so you need to appeal to every profile that you can.
  2. Perhaps you’re worried about data ownership? Or maybe you have concerns that latency is an issue and off-site hardware isn’t an option? Well, with local cloud, you can use your own hardware to host cloud services. That means you leverage the power of the cloud while also keeping hold of your data and your server response time.
  3. If you choose to move to the cloud, you’re making a decision to shift to an environment that is designed to always be on. That’s a big deal for your customers, who expect maximum uptime with every IT service they invest in. Private cloud in the past always meant that you had to build the cloud platform yourself. What we now bring to the table is an on-premise cloud, so you have the choice of location, but you use it as if it were a public cloud. A public cloud experience, but on equipment that you own.

The Choice For Cloud

At whitesky.cloud, we don’t need to rely on any other vendor to deliver our service because the entire software and hardware platform has been built and continues to be maintained completely in-house so that you always know where to go for support.

With every new player on the market offering more and more services, lots of businesses are waiting to see who adopts which technology. The truth is, the cloud is only going to grow. Don’t be the last one at the station – you might miss the train.

Want to keep up with your competition? The cloud is waiting. Speak to whitesky.cloud today.

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