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Does your business find managing all of your IT and data difficult? If it does, you’re not alone. Keeping tabs on every piece of data, where it’s stored, and how it’s used cross-platform is a nightmare for many businesses.

Customers all over the world want better control over the data they’re responsible for. That includes everything they store on customers, suppliers, and every stakeholder. Now, a growing number of companies want to find more cost-efficient ways to run their own software on their own hardware – particularly SaaS providers. So how can businesses get a better hold of all their data?

Bigger Isn’t Always Better

If you’re working with a hyperscaler it’s often a challenge to use the data, for example, stored on a platform like AWS with solutions built on Azure. Because they are competing solutions they don’t always sync particularly well. There are, of course, a huge number of features available from these hyperscalers, but they aren’t great at giving you choices outside of their ecosystem.

Wouldn’t you love the opportunity to have solutions like Google Maps or Photos – but with the ability to control where your data is? That’s hugely important for businesses because they’re also responsible for customer and supplier data and making sure that everything is done by the book.

It’s not that they have to switch everything over to a separate storage provider, there are logical workloads to do using hyperscalers. Most companies have adopted one, so why not make the most of them? What we do at is add something to your portfolio that you can add to your own brand and have more control over.

It’s not just businesses with a greater awareness of the external data they hold that are looking for solutions like ours. More and more IT departments within large organisations want to essentially become Virtual Cloud Operators. This way they can allocate costs much more easily for different business units using the resources they’re managing. In this way, it’s helpful if they can take data from different platforms and manage it in one centralised place.

There is talk that at some point in the near future, Microsoft may allow the resale of Microsoft 365 via platforms other than Azure. That’s potentially happening because of market pressure from businesses that want more control over the tools they choose.

A Helping Hand

You might not like the sound of someone else holding your data outside of the hyperscalers, but the truth is you have far more control working with a smaller provider. Your data isn’t ours. That is a fundamental part of how we operate. We’re here to manage the infrastructure that you need to get the most from your data and to help power your services. Services that can include selling private cloud to your customers, fully managed without the hassle of having system engineers, and ensuring the environment is properly managed – we do it all for you.

Many of the resellers that we have onboarded have workloads that they can migrate. While they don’t want to shift over all of their current solutions they can move some that aren’t tied to proprietary technology. These workloads don’t need to run on platforms like Azure or AWS – think backups and disaster recovery systems. Not only can it be much cheaper to run those sorts of functions on our solution and it also keeps that data geographically local and under more of your control.

We’re always working with companies trying to expand into new markets where hyperscalers just aren’t willing to build data centres at the moment. That means if you want to tap into the high potential, low competition markets you need a solution that can be rolled out anywhere – just like ours.

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