How to see what happened in your cloud

We create new features for our white label cloud product on a regular base, one of our latest additions is the audits feature.

Feature description

Our audits feature is a way to see which actions have been executed on your white label cloud.


Using the audits feature is a great way to see which action was executed on which resource by whom.

The details

Below you can see a sample of an audit overview. Overall you can see:

  • the request data and time
  • the method
  • the path and API used
  • the user
  • the response time.

If you plan on using our API, this audit is also a great learning tool.


Audits are available inside several of our resources. Below you can see the audits tab of an S3 objectspace.

Currently audits can be seen in: cloudspaces, objectspaces and disks.

Advanced feature, push to external URL

The audits function also has an advanced feature, it can push data to external URLs.

This feature can be configured in the audits setting of the cloud admin menu, see below.

The audits push to URL configuration screen has the following options:

  • URL
  • headers with keys and values.

Make sure to check the documentation of your receiving URL to get this right.

Below you can see a sample with

In this case all audit data will be pushed to the request bin for further handling. You can also use this feature to hook up tools like Zapier or Integromat.

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