Cloud throughout april 24, van der valk ghent


On April 24 we are organizing our second "Cloud throughout" event in Ghent, Belgium. You can register for this event as of now. You still have


time to register.

Cloud Throughout Houten

See the pictures of our previous event.

How do you deal with rising cloud pricing?

Cloud throughout is a free event that addresses the 3 most important topics of the moment.

During the presentations we will cover a number of ways to map out and better control your cloud costs and go deeper into cloud and your business.

Put the 24th of April in your agenda!

The 3 themes

  • Application management

    How to most effectively manage your cloud environment with Palette from Spectro cloud and

  • Cloud costs

    How to deploy cloud cost-effectively and how to use Octopus Cloud to make a cost comparison between and a hyperscaler.

  • Private cloud

    How we work with datacenters for public- and private cloud.


Please find below the schedule, you are welcome as of 10:00 am.

10.00 – 10.30 : welcome with coffee

10.30 – 12.30 : presentations

12.30 – 14.00 : lunch

14.00 : closing

The location

The event will take place at the Van der Valk hotel in Ghent, we have limited space, so hurry!

In the lobby of the hotel you can find the display with the name of the meeting room.

Akkerhage 10, 9000 Ghent, Belgium

The lunch and networking session

We will use lunchtime to network and give participants a chance to engage with partners. Each partner will host a table and you can join them for a substantive discussion while enjoying food from the royal buffet.

Lunch will start at 12:30 p.m.

person eating food


Free parking is available at the hotel. You need to have the parking ticket validated before leaving.

The presenters

The presentations will be done in English.

Jeroen Van Langenhove, Sales

Jeroen, as host, will talk up the event and introduce

Xavier Warnier, Sales Director

Xavier will talk about their Tier 4 datacenter, the only one in Belgium.

Bahadir Durak,CEO

Bahadir of Octopus Cloud will talk about FinOps for Service Providers.

Jeroen Overmaat, Managing Director EMEA

Jeroen of Spectro Cloud will talk about managing Kubernetes and using Palette.

Maarten Schilders, Sales Manager Partner Business

Maarten of DSTNY will talk about Cloud and connectivity.

The event partners

Registration for Cloud throughout on April 24 in Ghent, 2023

Leave your information to confirm free registration. The registration deadline is 17/04/2023.

Atmospheric images may be taken during the event. These may be published on our site or in the newsletter. Are you still recognizable in the picture we ask you to notify us via


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