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Your mission-critical applications deserve better.

Thanks to our powerful modular SD-Edge-Cloud-as-a-Service approach, the technology allows an out-of-the-box cloud to be moved where the need arises. We can go wherever your data needs to be. owns and operates data centers and edge cloud locations across the world.
We chose this approach in order to bring data closer to the user, because we highly value data control and data sovereignty.

Customer ownership

No maintenance


Internal billing

Data nearby

What do you get?

After onboarding we create your own cloud platform which you can brand according to your style.

Get to know the environment, you’ll quickly be able to launch new virtual machines or create object storage.

Thanks to the pay-per-use nature of our solution, you don’t need to make any upfront investment, except for time.

Satellite, our managed hardware extension for private cloud

During our journey to offer private cloud to our customers we discovered that for some very specific scenarios we needed an extension for our private cloud. This extension is what we call a Satellite node.

This is a single node with 16 GiB of memory and local storage. The Satellite will not run the control plane but will instead run as a CPUs logical part of a full on premises solution or solution in our data centers (which we call a G8).



Small investment

Data control


Fully redundant on premises options

For those companies looking for a private edge cloud solution without hassle, also offers its customers on premises solutions.

This is especially interesting for businesses in retail, healthcare and utility companies.

All you have to do is decide which way to go and from there on we’ll do all the heavy lifting. Wether that’s purchasing the hardware, management or maintenance.

You’re the hardware owner, we take care of it for you.

By picking the right on premises solution, you always have full ownership of the data, both digitally and physically.
At the same time, you get the advantage of complete unburdening which goes with public cloud.

Everything you get is Safe, Simple and Affordable!


  • 1 node setup
  • logically connected CPU
  • 16 GiB of memory
  • 2 x 200 GiB storage


  • 3 node setup
  • 640 Virtual CPU
  • 1,4 TB of memory
  • 324 TB of storage


  • 36 node setup
  • 6400 Virtual CPU
  • 15,3 TB of memory
  • 3,4 PB of storage

These are our basic configurations which we determined based on feedback from our customers. You can always talk to use to have a custom setup with a different amount of nodes, memory and storage.

Common features

competitive pricing on compute and storage

Don't trust our word, let us prove our pricing.

metered billing

You can use metered billing for your customers or internally.

S3 object storage

You will be able to define and use S3 storage on our platform.

hourly snapshots

We protect your data by using hourly snapshots that are safe for ransomware.

fast VM launcher

The creation and launching of a virtual machine has been proved to be fast and effective.

containers (soon)

We will offer a fully containarized platform based on Kubernetes. We use the Rancher RKE by Suse.

branded portal

You can brand the access portal with your logo and colors.

SPLA license integration

We work with Octopus Cloud to be able to do almost realtime reporting of Windows licenses.


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