In this series of ‘how to’ blogs, we take a deep dive into the more technical aspects of our platform and how

You have found this perfect VM stack on Bitnami and want to use it for creating a VM in the Whitesky Cloud. In this post we explain how you can do this.

This article is the translation of our post at ITdaily More and more companies are using software, platforms or infrastructure as-a-service where

Lochristi, December 1st 2020 – Today, the Belgian cloud-as-a-service provider GIG.Tech introduces the first European white labelled cloud computing solution for integrators,

GIG Tech Belgique présente Whitesky, la première offre européenne de cloud computing en marque blanche Lochristi, 1 décembre 2020 – GIG Tech,

Het Belgische GIG Tech introduceert Whitesky, het eerste Europese white labeled cloud computing aanbod Lochristi, 1 december 2020 – De Belgische cloud-as-a-service