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Employee Spotlight: Iain Statham

Iain Statham

Iain Statham

Operations Manager

What was your most important role/project before whitesky.cloud?

Before venturing into the realm of whitesky.cloud, I gave 12 years to the British Army as an Infantry Officer. This tenure ingrained in me a profound understanding of discipline, strategic planning, and operational efficiency. Subsequently, my journey extended across 15 years in the Middle East and Africa, where I managed complex secrurity projects and operations for governmental entities and commercial ventures. This blend of military precision and real-world project management has been instrumental in shaping my approach to our operations, ensuring robustness and reliability in all our endeavours. 

Your current role/project

Today, I make sense out of chaos and turn this into systems. (I’m the Operations Manager at whitesky.cloud) 

What do you exactly do in this role?

As the Operations Manager, I oversee the day-to-day technical and administrative tasks of our cloud infrastructure. My responsibilities include ensuring the optimal performance of our service offering, managing our operations team and other departments to ensure coordination throughout the company, and assisting in the strategic planning for future expansions. Additionally, I work closely with our clients to ensure they have the best experience and service quality. 

How did whitesky.cloud change your thoughts about Cloud and hyperscalers?

I’ve used the hyperscalers on projects repeatedly over the last 10 years, working at whitesky made me realise I should not have. They are too expensive and too basic in what they offer. whitesky.cloud is like jazz in a world of classical music. While hyperscalers march to predictable beats, our independent, custom-crafted cloud stack lets us improvise, innovate, and groove to our client’s unique rhythms. It’s a dance of agility and precision, tailored to every client’s tune.  

What is the coolest thing you did for whitesky.cloud?

I orchestrated a complete overhaul of our operational procedures, unifying disparate systems and crafting a cohesive process roadmap that boosted efficiency and transparency. Some may not find this cool; I find it cool when everything just works. 

What do you value most working for whitesky?

It’s the culture of innovation and ‘can-do’ attitude that I value the most at whitesky.cloud. Other companies have this I’m sure, but the team’s passion for pushing boundaries and the freedom to explore new solutions whilst maintaining the SLAs of existing business keep me motivated. We are continuously learning, and that spirit of growth and curiosity is invigorating. 

Where do you foresee Cloud will move to?

The future of cloud computing is vast, but I foresee a move towards more specialized, sector-specific cloud solutions that cater to the unique needs of different industries. This will be coupled with an increased emphasis on security, sustainability, and edge computing, allowing data processing closer to its source. 

How do you preferably spend your free time?

I run every day, I walk my dogs and I watch far too much cycle racing. 

Anything else you want to add?

Just that I’m incredibly proud to be part of whitesky.cloud. Every day presents new challenges, but it’s rewarding to work alongside a team that is committed to excellence and innovation. 

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