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We’re proud to announce that we are now in a strategic partnership with Acronis – a global leader in cybersecurity. This partnership will give Acronis customers greater control over their data; thanks to our S3 storage solution.

Acronis has been looking at additional storage locations where their MSPs can land their backups. The solution and partnerships have quickly developed and are already helping Acronis to deliver greater data control to their MSPs.

How It All Started

Acronis is a global cybersecurity company serving over 150 different countries with software solutions for MSPs, businesses, as well as individuals. Earlier this year we met with them at an event in Belgium and within an hour had explained the model we had in mind. After some back and forth, and input from their C-Suite, we had a solution in place.

Acronis wanted to be able to offer their customers more locations to store their backups. The initial suggestion was that we would house their servers in our locations but we wanted to push our existing solution so that we could fully give our own expertise and value to the partnership. Just like that – was born.

Our plan is for the backupsky platform to grow together with our role-outs in Europe, Africa, and eventually the US. This would give Acronis the locations and support that they need to help a large number of their MSPs with secure cloud storage.

“I think there’s a lot of enthusiasm surrounding this evolution. The combination of whitesky’s flexibility and the fact that it’s not stuck to one data center is unique and makes the service far more powerful for users.”

Floris Van Miert, Strategic Partner Manager, Acronis

Lots Of Upside

The main benefit for MSPs is that they get all the functionality of the cloud with all the benefits of local storage. Being able to offer this gives Acronis a bigger footprint by giving MSPs, as well as end-users, greater control of their data. MSPs are becoming increasingly protective of their data because they understand the value of it. For those companies who don’t want to use public cloud storage, this is the best option.

Smaller MSPs are particularly excited about our partnership with Acronis because they can move to backupsky at a better price than they would normally be able to get as well as having experts in storage and security deliver a complete cloud solution where their backups are protected from malware.

Our work in Africa has shown us that there is limited knowledge to provide setup and maintenance of cloud and cybersecurity services so that is one region we are particularly excited to build out further beyond our current rollout in Uganda.

Both companies are committed to delivering a competitive price to both wholesale customers and end-users and this will likely mean other strategic partnerships in the future. We absolutely cannot wait to work together more. and Acronis can make your secure cloud needs a reality. Find out more here.

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