The Benefits of Offering White Label Cloud Services

Have you ever considered offering white label cloud services? If not, then to be quite frank – you’re missing out. There is currently real potential in the space to give your customers truly great service – as a standalone, or as part of a larger MSP offering. Either way, it can be very profitable.

Successfully marketing white label cloud services to your customers starts with understanding what they really are. Importantly, you need to understand that not all services are created equal. Figuring out what your customers need and pairing them up with the right service is crucial if you want to keep them happy.

Why white label?

Let’s start by thinking about what drives MSPs toward white labeling. First and foremost it lets you provide a service without the need to build it yourself. This is a huge win right out the gate; because if you have a client looking for something you don’t offer then you buy something off the shelf and brand it as your own. White labeling keeps an MSP’s customers in their ecosystem and this is key.

Also, white labeling is hugely customisable. In cloud services, end-users want to be able to accomplish a variety of things: whether it’s a need for storage or vast computing power for machine learning. Whatever your customer wants, you can use white labeling to give it to them as if it were your own. Think of the possibilities.

It’s all yours

Tying your customer to your ecosystem is one of the best things you can do as an MSP. The more invested in you those clients are the more you can rely on their spending. With white labeling, your customers see your logo at every turn – from the login screen to the settings menu. In building that consistency, you are increasing your customer’s comfort with your brand.

Not only are you giving your customers something with your brand name, but you’re also giving them tools at a fraction of the price they would pay if they were to buy them outright. They never have to worry about wasting money on overcapacity. They can scale up whenever they want, which cuts down their risk and makes you look great.

We’ve found a big uptake in our white label cloud services. Businesses are recognising that the big providers are expensive, faceless, and rigid. That’s not us, and our support team works hard in the background to make every white label offering totally seamless for your customers. You don’t need to worry about the level of safety we provide – it’s as good as any hyperscaler. If you don’t have the ability to manage cloud architectures, don’t worry, that’s what we do best.

As you might have guessed, offers white label cloud services. If you’d like to know more, get in touch.

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