whitesky.cloud: the first European white labelled cloud computing offer

Lochristi, December 1st 2020 – Today, the Belgian cloud-as-a-service provider GIG.Tech introduces the first European white labelled cloud computing solution for integrators, Telecom and service providers under the name Whitesky. This solution enables them to propose their cloud environment completely under their own name. Whitesky, a brand of GIG.Tech, uses their softwarestack so there is no question of vendor lock-in. Furthermore, integrators, Telecom and service providers can strengthen their market position both financially and strategically and determine themselves where their data is kept thanks to the white labelled formula of Whitesky. Today, GIG.Tech introduces Whitesky in Belgium and in The Netherlands and will be active in Europe in time.

Democratize Cloud

At the moment there are a few big, mainly American players, who dominate the cloud market. “With Whitesky, GIG.Tech wants to democratize the cloud” explains Jeroen Van Langenhove, Managing Director of Whitesky Belgium. Our white labelled cloud computing solution as-a-service enables customers to make their cloud environment public completely under their own name and to shape it as they wish. Furthermore, this solution is easy and quick to install and manage without major prior investments or a whole IT team to keep it in the air.

Strengthen position of integrators, Telecom and service providers

In the currant cloud market, Integrators, Telecom and service providers risk loosing control over their end customers to dominant players. In addition, these also ensure that the margins in the sector come under severe pressure. These two factors ensure that the position of integrators, Telecom and service providers are compromised.” With Whitesky they can easily and quickly become a cloud operator under their own name” says Jeroen. “ In this way they keep more control over their end customers and they can give them all advantages of an own cloud environment such as control over data, local data storage, easy invoicing and so on. Through insight in the invoice in the integrated portal, they can manage their margins even better” he concludes.

Three formulas

Whitesky offers three different white labelled cloud computing formulas.By doing a thorough pre-onboarding in which the needs of the customer are determined, the most appropriate formula is chosen. The white sky formula is for customers who want to be a virtual cloud operator themselves in time, the blue sky formula will be for companies who are focused on 1 or 2 specific products but who don’t need a huge infrastructure and the free sky formula is for companies who want to explore the white labelled cloud but don’t yet want to work with it full-time.

Virtual launch event

Today, Whitesky will be officially introduced on the Belgian and Dutch market by means of a virtual event. We will then share more information about the offer. The pre-onboarding of the first customers runs till January, then Whitesky will effectively be operational on the Belgian and Dutch market. The virtual event starts today at 4PM CET and you can take part by clicking this link.

About Whitesky
Whitesky is a brand of the in Lochristi based cloud-as-a-service provider GIG.Tech and offers a European white labelled cloud computing solution for integrators, Telecom and service providers. The brand was established by Jeroen Van Langenhove, Geert Audenaert and Hans van Linschoten who, with their years of experience in cloud technology and cloud solutions, came together with a team of 15 employees. The solution, as-a-service, makes use of the GIG software stack. Thanks to the white labelled cloud solution, customers can quickly and without prior investments in hardware and software get started with their own cloud environment and under their own name. It also enables them to strengthen their position in the market financially and strategically. For more information visit us at Whitesky.cloud or Gig.tech

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